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Has your bank account been frozen because you owe an unpaid debt? Are you past due on your car payments and now your lender is threatening repossession? Are your wages currently being garnished by creditors to the point that you do not have money to pay for food, transportation, and rent? If so, Hipple Law P.C. is here to stand in your corner and help you tackle a wide variety of financial issues that can put your hard-earned assets in jeopardy.

Hipple Law P.C. has the extensive resources that you need on your side to manage a wide range of financial issues. Our reputable law firm is here to help you act quickly in matters such as warding off garnishment, repossession, and foreclosure. If you are tired of dodging phone calls from collectors who are looking to take your last dollar, then reach out to us today so that we can put our skills to work finding a personalized strategy for your unique situation.

Bank Account and Asset Protection Strategies

Judgments are a powerful tool used by creditors to collect unpaid debts. Creditors will often file a lawsuit against a debtor to obtain a judgment so that they can freeze bank accounts for weeks to collect an unpaid debt before a case is brought before the court. Frozen bank accounts and assets can severely impact your ability to pay for food, utilities, rent, and gas to drive to work. But if you file for bankruptcy, it can help you get immediate access to your frozen funds.

Prevent Vehicle Repossession with Legal Assistance

We know that vehicle lenders can be some of the most aggressive and unforgiving creditors if you fall too far behind on your payments. If you need time to catch up on late payments or you cannot afford a vehicle, then bankruptcy is an option you should seriously consider. By filing for bankruptcy, you can surrender a vehicle or be eligible to repay a car loan at a lower interest rate with a court-approved repayment plan.

Legal Solutions to Stop Wage Garnishment

Wage garnishment is very serious because it can severely restrict your ability to pay for living expenses and necessities. When you file for bankruptcy, there is an automatic stay that goes into place that required collectors to stop all wage garnishment actions immediately. You may also be able to avoid paying a creditor seeking a wage garnishment to collect an unpaid debt if you file for bankruptcy.

Foreclosure Defense: Keep Your Home in Kane County

Do you have past-due mortgage payments? Have you received a Notice of Foreclosure? Although this can be a very stressful time, there are options available in bankruptcy that can help you catch up on late payments and keep your home. Under a Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan, you have up to five years to cure a mortgage default if you continue to pay your regular mortgage payments. The federal automatic stay that goes into effect when you file bankruptcy prohibits creditors from continuing mortgage collection and foreclosure proceedings during the bankruptcy case.

At Hipple Law P.C., we have the extensive experience you need to find a workable solution to resolve your financial hardship. If you need assistance, please contact us today at (847) 787-7179 to schedule a phone, video, or office appointment to discuss your options with an attorney.

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