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Power of Attorney for Property in Kane County

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Hipple Law P.C. proudly helps clients establish a Power of Attorney for Property to ensure that all their important financial responsibilities can be handled by someone they trust if they are ever unable to manage financial decisions due to illness or incapacity. We are committed to using our extensive legal expertise to provide reliable counsel in these complicated and highly sensitive matters, and we will gladly take the time to listen to your concerns and help formulate the right legal documents to achieve your unique estate planning goals.

What Is a Power of Attorney for Property?

The Illinois Statutory Power of Attorney for Property is a legal document that allows you to designate another person to act on your behalf and sign your name for all contract, financial, and property issues. With this legal document in your estate plan, you can feel confident that your financial decisions are handled properly if you can't handle them on your own.

The person you give power of attorney to is called the agent. You can give your agent the right to make all of your financial and property decisions, or you can select certain roles for them to handle. The effective date, duration, and type of property for the power can also be limited.

The statutory nature of the power protects the individual acting on your behalf from personal liability for decisions they make on your behalf.

The person you designate under your Power of Attorney can make the following decisions on your behalf:

  • Buy and sell real estate
  • Pay your bills
  • Manage your financial affairs
  • Access your bank accounts
  • Control safe deposit boxes
  • File income tax returns and handle tax matters
  • Handle stocks and bonds
  • Make important estate planning decisions
  • Contribute to or withdraw from a retirement plan
  • Borrow money and mortgage property

Hipple Law P.C. Can Help You Protect Your Hard-Earned Property

If you need a Statutory Power of Attorney for Property, then please contact our full-service law firm today to schedule a phone, video, or office appointment at a location conveniently located near you.

To better serve clients through the process of creating a Power of Attorney for Property, we have offices conveniently located in the following areas throughout Illinois:

  • Kane County
  • Cook County
  • DuPage County
  • Lake County
  • Will County

We understand that you are concerned about your wealth and legacy, which is why we are prepared to provide you with the reliable counsel you need to make informed decisions. We possess 20+ years of experience and are here to assist if you have more questions about choosing the right power of attorney for you.

To request a case consultation, please call (847) 787-7179 or fill out our convenient online form.

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